Grid Enabled Digitization Center at SVK

Benefits of Partnering With Nimmagadda SVK Digitisation Centre

Nimmagadda Foundation, a Trust registered under the Trust Act, situated at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh has donated Rs.60 Lakhs that went into setting up of a state of the art technology, Nimmagadda SVK Digitisation Centre at the New Sundarayya Vignana Kendram Culture, Library and Research, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

1. We can undertake huge quantum of work
2. We can give you different modes of digitization
-   Scanning of the document and converting the same to TIFF and/or PDF
-   Re-creation or improvement of when the original document is low quality
-   De-acidification and cleaning of the book along with improving the binding
-   Mode of digitization and indexing within the PDF file
3. We are modern and flexible with specifications requests
-  True Scanning resolutions of 300-600 dpi with depth of 48 bit True color
-  Highly compact post-processed file sizes
-  Excellent Appearance and Clarity
-  Excellent handling and support for aged or old documents
-  Old and brittle book/Newspaper Restoration (De-acidification etc)
-  Standardized and meaningful file names
-  Proper organization of files in a hierarchy
-  Indexed Meta Tags, OCLC standard Cataloging (Z39.50 and/or Dublin Core)
-  Customized Open source software solution with servers
-  Microfilm and/or Tape preservation and/or Archival quality 100 years DVDs
-  Post processed DVDs with auto-run and searching facilities if required
-  Error free deliverables
-  Collection and return of documents in proper and careful order
-  Any other requirements specific to the project

Technology aspects

The center fully funded by Nimmagadda foundation is powered by a custom built digitization center, with the systems using grid middleware for extremely high speed date processing.

The innovative book digitization solution combines the power of high resolution image scanners and the ingenuity of a uniquely shaped book system and a well built machine platform designed to be gentle on books and capture sharp, curvature-free high quality images quickly and efficiently at a rate of up to 700 pages per Hour.

Versatility: Can be used to scan all kinds of books and can facilitate many different sizes, thicknesses and types of bindings. It is especially easy on frail old books. It can also handle other media.

Curvature-free: Overhead scanners produce images that suffer from curved text lines and rely on unreliable software for correction. However, our machines produce natively produces sharp and curvature-free page images.

Face-up scanning: Scanning without placing stress on the bindings. Handling is kept to a minimum, as pages can be turned without having to flip the book over each time, saving you precious time.

Auto-centering system: The auto-centering system act to gently sandwich the book and correctly position it before each scan. This produces consistent borders and margins with every page.

Standard features: Includes rotation, de-skew, crop, auto level, brightness and contrast adjustment, sharpen, black border removal, image resize and DPI adjustment, etc.


Meta Data and Labeling process

Parameters of the labeling process that we follow

-         Author/s

-         Title/Sub title

-         Source

-         Year

-         Volume/Issue No

-         Page Number

-         Abstract

-         Key Words: MeSH and non-MeSH

-         Links/Book Marks to be given within the document for easy navigation


Summary of our Services

1. Complete Cataloguing – Marc and Union Catalogues

2. Full-Frame 35 mm level Digitization - Support for Legacy and Modern Workflows without broken or segmented pages or glyphs

3. Assessment and Preparation of Materials of Historic Importance  - Evaluate damaged, deteriorated materials, perform analysis of appropriate treatments, including the extent of repairing rebinding required along with identifying the process cycle of cleaning, de-acidifying, flattening, and mending paper with custom enclosures. Prepare newspapers, library materials for preservation digitizing

4. Preservation – Large scale De-acidification including but not limited to fumigation, dry cleaning, mending and pressure sensitive tape removal

5. Complete Web based document access solution

6. Complete integrated in-house software and hardware for pre and post processing of archival data

7. Complete installation and maintenance of High-End Grid Enabled servers for processing of data as well as deploying last-mile connectivity servers for hosting catalogs

8. Annual Maintenance of all our products, services and servers at very low cost

The Sundarayya Vignana Kendram is a not-for-profit trust helping preserve our culture and printed heritage and unlike all commercials companies or organizations; we undertake work with a high sense of compassion, honesty and high ethics.